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The full key path is "HKCU\Software\HfrSoft\MemInfoNET\Init.Settings".
The default value is 0.


Available only for Pocket PC platform! Registry key: HKCU\Software\HfrSoft\MemInfoNET\Init.Settings\QuickLaunch (DWORD). This feature is disabled by default (since Version 3.1).
Known issue under WM2003: If closing MemInfo.NET and then using (X) from the next window MemInfo.NET appears again. If you do not like this behaviour just disable "QuickLaunch". I have implemented this feature for PPC2002 and for older (slow) devices only!

CAUTION: Registry key has changed after Version 3.1 Preview2b (from \Init\ to \Init.Settings\) in order to meet the hfrmobile application guide lines requirements.

Running Apps applet: QuickLaunch does not work together with the "Running Apps" applet if the MemInfo.NET should be closed. The "Running Apps" applet will say that MemInfo.NET is not responding or requires input.

Uninstalling MemInfo.NET

The following procedure is only needed if QuickLaunch is enabled. You will need to soft-reset your device before MemInfo.NET can be uninstalled. Another way is to kill the MemInfoNET.exe process before uninstalling.


This is only available for the Professional and Trial editions since v3.2! This key enables some drives which are useful for test purposes.
The full key path is "HKCU\Software\HfrSoft\MemInfoNET\Init.Drives".
The default value is 0.

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