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Location (directory) where .pdas files will be loaded from or saved to.
Default value: \My Documents\PDAStore


Available since version 1.1! If specified (must contain a valid directory) a Backup menu item appears in the File menu. Can be used to backup the current store to a storage card.



Default value is 2. Specifies the minimum length of a search string.


Default value is 256. Specifies the maximum length of the displayed result content text if using the View menu. Available since Version 1.1!


Default value is 99. Maximum number for found items. Available since Version 1.1!


This value determines characters which cannot be searched. Since Version 1.1-SP2 you can search for ' character.
Default value: "<>*%



Default setting is 0. If 1 the user will be asked before closing the application.

Font.Face, Font.Size

Available since version 1.1-RC2. Specifies the font for controls in forms. Since version 1.1 this key specifies the font for all forms in PDAStore. If you like to use a special font only for some forms you can use Font.Exclude to exclude some forms.


Available since version 1.1! Specifies the form names which should use the standard font.
Default value: AboutForm, EditInformationForm
Possible values: AboutForm, EditCategoriesForm, EditEntriesForm, EditInformationForm, MainForm and SearchForm



Default 0. If set to 1 a button will be displayed which can be used to display message boxes in all combinations (Yes/No/Cancel/Icons/...). Also some ohter message boxes will be displayed.


Default 0. Generates a test store with test-data. Only available in debug builds.

User interface


First and second column have width 0. These "hidden columns" containing the IDs of entry and category.

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