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Keep file time

This CCrryyppttoo option is available since Voyager 1.1 SP1. In SP1 and SP2 this option can only be enabled using the registry key:
The default value of this key is 0 which means that the file time will be updated if encrypting or decrypting files. If you set this value to 1 the file time will not be changed if encrypting or decrypting files. Later versions will provide a GUI to change this (and more) settings.

Execute With

If you add a link it is not being checked if this link points to an .exe file or not. So the user can add applications like .js, .app etc. This information refers to Version 1.0 or higher.

Allow multiple instances

Since Version 1.1 this option is not supported but there exists a little trick to allow two or more instances of Voyager to run at the same time. Create a copy of the installation directory (e.g. \Program Files\Voyager\) if you like to run a second voyager.exe! But I do not recommend this...!

Deleting file(s)

If one file will be deleted the list will not be refreshed (performance e.g. \Windows dir). If two or more files will be deleted the list will be refreshed! This information refers to Version 1.1!

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