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What's New?

MemInfo.NET Pro

MemInfo for Pocket PC - Classic   MemInfo for Pocket PC - Warning Colors

MemInfo.NET Pro is the advanced version of MemInfo.NET with more features than the freeware version.

MemInfo.NET displays RAM utilization, all inserted storage cards (e.g. Compact Flash Card, SD-Cards), Flash drive (e.g. iPAQ File Store, LOOXstore) and some other "drives". Since Version 3.1 MemInfo.NET displays drives with a utilization of 80% or more with yellow color and 95% or more in red color.

MemInfo for Pocket PC - Settings

The professional version offers the option to add/remove drives which should be displayed.

MemInfo for Smartphone - Classic   MemInfo for Smartphone - Settings

There exists also a version for Smartphones. The Smartphone version also supports warnings (colored bars) but as you can see in the screen-shot no value is larger 79%.

Don't be confused about the name WDrives which is displayed in the caption of MemInfo.NET! See Evolution of MemInfo for an explanation.

The CEPC version of MemInfo.NET has been suspended because there seems to be no need of a CEPC version of it. If you are using CEPC just write an e-mail to me and I'll consider to support it again.

If you consider using MemInfo.NET Pro I recommend to check if MemInfo.NET will run on your device. Doing so you can use the trial versions and DeviceInfo.exe!


Downloads (v3.3-SP1-Pro)

Downloads (v3.3-SP1-Trial)

In order to obtain a license key determine your device id using DeviceInfo and send it to me and make the donation using the image below. After receiving your donation I create a key with your device id and send it back to you. This procedure may take some days because I do it in my spare time!

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